Law Office of Jana K. McCown


If you need help with a legal issue, you need a lawyer you can trust.  Jana K. McCown has been practicing law in Texas since 1985 after receiving her law degree from SMU Law School.   Immediately following law school, she worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County for four years before moving to central Texas.  Jana was also an Assistant Attorney General in the Prosecutor Assistance/Special Investigations Division early in her career.  She moved her practice to Georgetown in 1994 when she went to work for the Williamson County District Attorney’s office.  While there, she established a reputation at the courthouse for being a tough and effective prosecutor with a real passion for helping victims.  When Jana moved into private practice, she vowed to bring that same drive to help people who need the help of a lawyer.  

In the courtroom, Jana’s experience has made her one of the top trial attorneys in Central Texas.  She has handled more than 120 jury trials including cases ranging from DWI and Assault to Aggravated Robberies and Capital Murders.  Many of her trials have garnered extensive media attention and two cases have been featured on the documentary programs Solved and the Oxygen Network.  She has also prosecuted and defended thousands of criminal cases during her career.  She currently handles Federal criminal defense cases.

After retiring from the District Attorney's office in 2012, Jana's practice began to change and she now handles Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts) and Probate cases.  Jana has filed probate cases in several counties and is willing to travel to counties in the Central Texas region and even farther away.  While Texas probate laws may be confusing to some, a skilled attorney can make the entire process much easier for the personal representative of an estate by preparing and managing the required court filings.  Planning for the ultimate distribution of your assets is a gift that you can give your family now.

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